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Welcome to our Free Web Based XMail service. Through XMail's intuitive interface, you'll be able to access and manage your XMail and personal Web Hosting account using the simplicity of a standard web browser.

- Free XMail offers 1GB mailbox storage, 1GB personal web hosting/private disk storage, 100.0MB messages, POP3.

Privacy Statement

Our privacy policy is very simple, we don't collect any information from our users, unlike many mainstream providers that actively collect personal data.

Getting Started Logging In

All sessions begin at the Login screen. Before you can use any of the XMail features you must choose a user name password in the "Create New Account" section of the opening page.

Once you've filled in the required fields, click the "Proceed" button to access your "Inbox".

Users are allowed a maximum of three simultaneous active login sessions. When using the "Logout" button the session is terminated, otherwise the time out for inactive sessions is set for 30 minutes.

POP3, for use with external E-Mail programs, is supported by setting the incoming mail server to: pop3.xmail.net

POP3 is supported by using SSL/TLS port 995 or STARTTLS port 110.

For SMTP set the outgoing mail server to: smtp.xmail.net, please use StartTLS port 587. User name only without domain name.

Note: Anti Virus software may require manual acceptance of the SSL Certificate.

Setting up Thunderbird Help: Thunderbird 78 FAQ


The contents of your Inbox folder will be displayed upon log in. The Mailbox Listing shows the contents of each message header (message status, date sent, sender, subject, and size). Each column has a heading. Clicking on the heading will cause the listing to be sorted by that column. To view the contents of a message, double click on the message subject. You'll be taken to the Message screen.

The Message Screen

The Message Screen displays the contents of the selected message. From here, you can browse message attachments, reply to the current message, delete the current message, or advance to the next message in your current mailbox.

Plain Text messages are displayed by default. HTML or MIME messages are displayed as attachments which are found in the "Parts:" table directly above the plain message text box. To view an attachment click on the hyper-linked name, or open it by clicking on the download image located at the right side of the screen.

The Compose Window

You can send mail in a variety ways. You might choose to compose a new message or to reply to an existing message. Whichever method you choose, however, will open the standard Compose Window.

The Compose Window allows you to set, among other things, the message recipient's address (who you're sending mail to), the message subject, and the message contents. Simply fill out the appropriate fields at the top of the window (only the To: address is required, but the Subject: is suggested) and type your message in the large lower field. Once you've completed entering your message, you may choose to Spell Check your message text. Once you're done composing your new message, click the "Send" button to send the message to the recipient.

Attachments: The maximum E-Mail size (the total of all attachments selected) is 100 MB to external mail servers.

File uploads are complete when the file name appears in the "Compose" screen. Allow sufficient time for File uploads.


XMail's Contact Manager displays first name, last name, E-Mail address, company, and group chosen for the contact. Each column is can be sorted by clicking on the column title. Contacts can be added to you Quick List through the "Edit" feature.

The Web Site Manager

Through the Web Site Manager you can host your own Web Pages located in "public_webfiles" where 1000MB of file space is available (up to 10,000MB for Premium users).

The Web Site Manager allows you to edit or modify your .html files directly through the Web Browser as well of upload and manage your files located on the server. FTP access is not available as all files must be uploaded through the web based utility.

XMail's free web hosting is intended to offer basic web sites only, CGI or PHP scripting is not supported.

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